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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Activism isn't always pleasant

Friday's San Francisco demo against the Israeli "seige"/collective punishment of the people of Gaza took place in miserable conditions. As such, it was the palest fraction of the miserable conditions which Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank (not to mention refugee camps elsewhere) have been experiencing in some cases for nearly 60 years.

More photos of Friday's demo. A demonstration like this might seem futile - no press coverage occurred, who knows if the employees at the Israeli consulate inside even knew it took place, much less reported it to their government or cared. But solidarity is never out of place. If one Palestinian sees this picture and has their resolve to resist occupation strengthened, it will have been worth it. And even if none do, the strengthened resolve on the part of the participants, and everyone else who knew this action was taking place, or sees these pictures afterwards, will be that little bit more strength in the world movement to put an end to the criminal oppression of the Palestinian people.

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