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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Political Humor of the Day...with a point!

Residents of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were surprised Thursday morning to find on the doors to their homes mock notices announcing that the flow of electricity to the two cities would be cut off next week.

The 10,000 or so fake notices were posted across both cities by some 70 left-wing activists in response to the government's decision to reduce the supply of fuel to the Gaza Strip, and its plan to cut power flow in the near future.

The notices posted Thursday by the activists read: "We wish to inform you that there will be a wave of cessation and severance of electricity. We have no choice but to cut off power and we are forced to do it because in your cities reside the commanders of an army that harms civilians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip." (Source)
Sadly, the hardships imposed on the people of Gaza (and the West Bank), which are far more extensive than just cutting the flow of electricity, are all too real and no laughing matter. What they are is criminal - a crime against humanity.

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