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Thursday, December 06, 2007


The NIE doesn't phase the White House

We know they haven't changed their strategy. But at least they could change their accusations. Not press spokesperson Dana Perino:
"What we know right now for sure is that Iran is enriching uranium, which is fissile material, to get a bomb. They are developing ballistic missiles in order to deliver a bomb."
Um, no. Later in the press conference, she fessed up to half of her lie:
Dana, two questions -- if I can clarify something you said earlier. You said they're enriching uranium, which is fissile material to get a bomb.

MS. PERINO: Which can -- I'm sorry, which can lead to fissile material to get a bomb.
No one asked about, nor did she voluntarily correct, her statement about developing missiles to deliver a non-existent bomb.

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