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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Marxy Holiday!

At a non-religious holiday party last night, I was introduced to an absolutely brilliant piece of work (below) called "Manifestoon," which is the Communist Manifesto illustrated by cartoons. It might sound silly, which I guess it is, but it is also brilliantly done. Over and above admiring the work of the videographer, if you haven't read the Manifesto at all or in a long time, as I hadn't, what stands out as you listen to it is the remarkable prescience of its words. 157 years before Thomas Friedman (hate him as I do, but credit where credit is due) popularized the term "the world is flat," Marx and Engels were talking about precisely the same thing.

This version is in English, but if you type "Manifestoon" into the YouTube search box, you'll find it's available in numerous languages. Enjoy!

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