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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Jeppsen update: The bottom line is...the bottom line

Major news in the Jeppesen case. First, the local (Santa Clara County) Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to condemn extraordinary [sic] rendition, specifically naming Jeppesen for its role in the torture flights. The one who voted "no" didn't resort to the usual "this isn't the business of the Board of Supervisors" dodge, no, he came right out and endorsed torture as necessary to keep "us" safe.

Second, a former employee of Jeppesen has come forward and said the company openly acknowledged that they were involved with the rendition flights. So the possible excuse that the CIA just called them up and said arrange our flight plan from Afghanistan to Romania (or whatever), without telling them what was going on, is out the window. And, at least according to this employee, the reason wasn't that this was a particularly sadistic company with a penchant for torture. No, it was the usual - profit:

According to the declaration of Sean Belcher, who worked briefly for Jeppesen as a technical writer in San Jose in 2006, the director of Jeppesen's International Trip Planning Service, Bob Overby, told new employees during an introductory breakfast that "we do all the extraordinary rendition flights."

When some employees looked puzzled at the statement, Overby added that he was referring to "torture flights," according to Belcher's declaration.

According to Belcher, Overby then said he understood some employees were not comfortable with that aspect of Jeppesen's business but added "that's just the way it is, we're doing them," and that the rendition flights paid very well.

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