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Thursday, December 20, 2007


The Israeli lobby

Many opponents of the war in Iraq and the potential war against Iran blame "the Israeli lobby" as the primary cause of those events. Stephen Zunes updates his criticism of the book by John Mearsheimer and Steve Walt in an article well worth reading. A brief excerpt:
Both authors blindly accept a number of naive and demonstrably false assumptions regarding America's role in the world. For example, they assert that the foreign policy of the United States -- the world's number one arms supplier for dictatorial regimes -- "...is designed to promote democracy abroad" and the U.S. effort to spread democracy throughout the Middle East "has inflamed Arab and Islamic opinion." The reality, of course, is just the opposite: it has been U.S. support for the majority of the dictatorships in that part of the world that has primarily contributed to anti-American sentiment.

According to the disturbing nativism implied in Mearsheimer and Walt's thesis, foreigners and those allied to their interest by ethnic or ideological connections undermine the benign instincts of America's leaders. In doing so, the two analysts create an artificial duality with the Israel lobby on one side and U.S. national interest on the other.

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