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Monday, December 10, 2007


Is Zionism racism?

Add in this evidence while deciding on your answer:
Anna Jagnos-Paliashkon, an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor who has undergone heart surgery, has a single, functioning relative who can care for her: Sergei Dzhedan. Her daughter, Dzhedan's wife, died of cancer and Jagnos-Paliashkon's husband is in a geriatric hospital. But the Interior Ministry insists on deporting Dzhedan.

Israel's real policy is to do everything to block the entry to the country of non-Jews because they are non-Jews.
That wasn't me talking. That was from an editorial in a leading Israeli newspaper.

Having an official state religion in your country is not racism. Excluding people from immigrating to your country on the basis of their religion? That's racism.

This may or may not qualify as "racism," but it certainly qualifies as a crime against humanity:

The World Health Organisation voiced alarm on Monday about the health consequences of the "intolerable" isolation of the Gaza Strip, sealed off by Israel after Hamas seized control six months ago.

The WHO, which organised a Jerusalem symposium to highlight its concern, voiced particular alarm about Israeli fuel cuts, which it said affected Gaza hospitals, and limited access to outside treatment for those seriously ill.

The WHO says that 23 percent of requests in October for treatment in Israel were refused, compared with 17 percent in September and 10 percent in June.

"A number of people died in this process," said WHO official Mahmud Daher.

The Palestinian health ministry says 23 people have died in recent months, while Physicians for Human Rights-Israel puts the number at 17.

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