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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


How much does the U.S. hate and fear Cuba?

Enough to shoot itself in the foot:
Catching Americans who travel illegally to Cuba or who purchase cigars, rum or other products from the island may be distracting some American government agencies from higher-priority missions like fighting terrorism and combating narcotics trafficking, a government audit to be released Wednesday says.

That high rate of inspections and the numerous seizures of relatively benign contraband “have strained C.B.P.’s capacity to carry out its primary mission of keeping terrorists, criminals and inadmissible aliens from entering the country at Miami International Airport,” says the audit.
Terrorists? Narcotics? Sorry, not as important as trying to prevent Americans from seeing the reality of Cuba for themselves, and contributing mightily to the Cuban economy by bringing back a bottle of Havana Club.

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