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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Fidel Castro and U.S. plans for Cuba

A lot of attention in the press today on Fidel Castro's message to the Cuban Parliament, where he talked about not clinging to power. Actually on that subject, the very last sentence of the message, which no one seems to have noticed, is even more significant: "Levantaré mi mano junto a la de ustedes para apoyarlo (I will raise my hand next to yours (or "together with yours") to show my support (for the report read by Raúl))." Which, to me, sounds like he plans on being just "another member" (as if!) of Parliament, rather than President of the Council of State.

However, I thought the most interesting part of the message wasn't on this subject at all, but where Fidel commented, somewhat indirectly but unmistakably, about U.S. "plans" for Cuba (embodied in "Plan Bush"), by reminding his audience about what happened to the Communists in another country where U.S. imperialism had its way:

Other problems, foreign to our nation and many others under similar conditions, also threaten us. A victorious counterrevolution would spell a disaster for us, worse than Indonesia's tragedy. Sukarno, overthrown in 1967, was a nationalist leader who, loyal to Indonesia, headed the guerrillas who fought the Japanese.

General Suharto, who overthrew him, had been trained by Japanese occupation forces. At the conclusion of World War II, Holland, a U.S. ally, re-established control over that distant, extensive and populated territory. Suharto maneuvered. He hoisted the banners of U.S. imperialism. He committed an atrocious act of genocide. Today we know that, under instructions from the CIA, he not only killed hundreds of thousands but also imprisoned a million communists and deprived them and their relatives of all properties or rights; his family amassed a fortune of 40 billion dollars--which, at today's exchange rate, would be equivalent to hundreds of billions— by handing over the country's natural resources, the sweat of Indonesians, to foreign investors.
And if you think this is hyperbole, you need to read the plan, and remember that, along with everything the U.S. government admits to wanting in public, there is a secret appendix to the plan.

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