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Friday, December 14, 2007


Bonus picture of the day

I got a new camera yesterday. Well, not really, a few weeks ago my Canon S1 IS self-destructed; it turned out to be the main sensor, which was having some sort of recall (the sort they don't bother to tell you about). After a $30 diagnosis fee at a camera store and having to pay $15 shipping and waiting more than a month, Canon finally says (after I called the camera store and had them call Canon), oh gee, we don't have the parts for the old camera any more, so we'll replace your camera with a new (refurbished) S3 IS. Done! Longer lens (12x vs 10x), 6 megapixel vs 3, faster autofocus (which was the worst feature of the old model, really limiting the ability to capture either moving subjects or still subjects which fly away while the camera is busy autofocusing), and less shutter lag (the time from when you push the button until the picture is actually taken), another weakness of the previous model (and many digital cameras). There are some other enhancements as well, so all an all, a heck of a deal for $45.

So here's your bonus picture for today - a Black phoebe just leaving its perch on a rock in front of a nearby house.

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