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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The Bay Area from above

The view of the San Francisco Bay Area on Christmas Day, from atop Windy Hill (the top of the ridge between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, a bit north of Palo Alto). This is a "stitched image" of a dozen or so photos. Believe it or not, by eye it was actually clearer than it appears in the picture - possibly the clearest day I have ever seen in the Bay Area, simply spectacular. At the extreme left end is downtown San Jose in the background, and Black Mtn in the foreground. Swinging around to the east and south we come to the Pacific Ocean about 40% of the way across, then when the San Francisco Bay appears we see San Francisco at the left (about 75% of the way across the picture),

The original is 13325x720, so I'm afraid when Flickr scales down the horizontal, it scales down the vertical and you probably can't appreciate it, but for what it's worth here's that version. Clicking on it will give you the (very large) original that you can scroll horizontally (with some browsers, including Safari, the large picture will open in a reduced format; click on the new picture to see the real full version - SORRY, TOO LATE, DOWNLOAD LIMIT ALREADY EXCEEDED :-( ):

As an experiment (SORRY, TOO LATE, DOWNLOAD LIMIT ALREADY EXCEEDED), here (below) is a QuickTime VR "movie" of the same image. This may not work on everyone's system; if it doesn't, well, that's the way it goes. The orientation is opposite to the picture above, that is, what appears first is the extreme right-end of the scene. To scroll left, hold the mouse button down and move it left (or right or up or down). To zoom in, hold down the Shift button; to zoom out, the Control button.

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