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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Violence in Venezuela - reading between the lines

Reports in today's news have it that "Masked gunmen opened fire on students returning from a march." Later on we're given the number 80,000 for the number of people, not all students, ("an estimated 80,000 anti-Chavez demonstrators—led by university students") in this anti-Chavez march (I have private reports from someone on the scene who says "10,000 tops," but that's a minor issue).

So they "opened fire on students," eh? And what happened? "Antonio Rivero, director of Venezuela's Civil Defense agency, told Union Radio that at least eight people were injured, including one by gunfire, and that no one had been killed."

I'm sorry, if you "open fire" on a crowd of 80,000 people, even a blind person could hit more than a single person with one of their bullets. Who these gunmen were, or what they were up to, is anyone's guess, but it's 100% obvious that, if this story of gunmen has any truth to it at all, that they were firing guns in the air, not "opening fire" on the crowd.

Indicative of the protesters belief in democracy, by the way, is this: "The protesters demand the referendum be suspended." Which provides a rather clear indication that the opposition expects to lose the democratic vote, knowing that their position is a distinct minority, and that their only hope to "win" is to disrupt the country (or provoke another coup attempt) prior to the vote.

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