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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Under-reported overflights

Press TV (and absolutely no one else, what a surprise) reports that the Israelis are at it again, violating Lebanese sovereignty:
The United Nations has denounced Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace, calling on the regime to respect Lebanon's sovereignty.

"We have noticed intensive Israeli over flights over the last few days and we have urged that they be stopped immediately,” said Yasmina Bouziane, spokesperson for the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) on Thursday.

She added that the Israeli over flights 'not only constitute a violation of Lebanese sovereignty, but also of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.'
On the other side of the ocean, there's a more interesting situation developing. I wrote two weeks ago, after a visit to Canada, that
The U.S. now "insists" (and Canada is happy to cooperate) that it receive passenger lists for all flights crossing its territory, i.e., for flights from Canada to Cuba.
Well, apparently that part about Canada being happy to cooperate wasn't completely true:
Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon has asked U.S. Homeland Security to exempt all Canadian airlines flying over U.S. territory from onerous new security rules.

The proposed U.S. Secure Flight Program would require airlines flying over U.S. territory to provide American authorities with passenger lists.

In an official submission to U.S. regulators, Cannon urges the Americans to weigh the threat posed by Canadian overflights that do not land at U.S. airports against the privacy and individual rights of passengers.
Of course, being Canadians, they asked ever so politely, and are rather unlikely to do anything about it should the U.S. refuse their request.

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