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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Life in the United States, Part II

The other day we learned that 25% of all the homeless people in the United States (and that's a lot of people) are veterans, with 1500 of those veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Way to "support the troops," folks.

Tonight's news reports that here in Santa Clara County, one of the richest counties in the country (home to Apple, Google, Cisco, eBay, and many more), deaths of homeless people rose sharply from 48 last year to 71 this year (which isn't over yet, of course). There are 900 homeless children in this county. Meanwhile, more than 900 Google employees have become multimillionaires (the two founders are, as you probably know, multibillionaires).

And we also got an update on hunger in the U.S. on tonight's news. Those figures in the post below this one, precise to two decimal places? They might be precise, but they're not accurate. Why? Because they're based on census data and don't include homeless people! So they very much form a lower-bound on the real number of people going hungry in America.

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