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Monday, November 26, 2007


Jeppesen Airplanes

A "local" issue I've never written about, which is really a national issue, is the efforts of local activists in the San Jose area to stop the activities of a company called Jeppesen Dataplan. Jeppesen is one small but important cog in the U.S. torture machine, a company which has arranged flight schedules for the CIA's torture flights (in the news again today as it turns out). Local activists were instrumental in getting the ACLU to sue Jeppesen, are working to get the city of San Jose on record against their activities, and lots more.

This YouTube video describes the suit and the Jeppensen situation very nicely:

And this video, featuring the director of the Peninsula Peace & Justice Center Paul George (from whom the title of this post is stolen), describes just the latest action against Jeppesen, a "Moratorium" (3rd Friday of the month) activity, which drew a hundred people (including me) to downtown San Jose at lunchtime on Friday, Nov. 16.

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