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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Jeppesen Airplanes in the U.K.

An update on yesterday's article - in today's news, we learn that Jeppesen has a U.K. office in Crawley, West Sussex, a few miles from Gatwick airport, from where they have been instrumental in arranging logistical support for dozens of torture flights. U.K. activists - you know what to do!

Of course the legal action has run into the usual Catch-22:

However, the US government is asking a federal court to dismiss the lawsuit because "to proceed would risk the disclosure of highly classified information" about the agency's methods.

According to Washington's arguments, that information would include "whether any private entities or other countries assisted the CIA", as well as the locations of any secret prisons and "the methods of interrogation employed".
What a splendid idea! You're a government wishing to do illegal, immoral things? Just declare all information about what you're doing "highly classified," so you can never be held to account for them. If only the Nazis had declared the gas chambers "highly classified," or Saddam had declared the Anfal campaign "highly classified," they never would have had to even stand trial, much less been hanged! Brilliant!

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