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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Dual audio post of the day

Skippy reminds me that tonight is the Country Music Awards. In honor of the CMA's, a 1975 song from The Deadly Nightshade about the dilemma of a feminist about to lose her independence to marriage - "Something Blue":
Something Blue.mp3

And, it turns out, tonight is also the Environmental Media Awards. For most people, "environmentalism" these days involves trying to preserve the planet for human habitation. "God Bless the Grass," another 1975 song from Malvina Reynolds, serves to remind us that the planet (and some other living components) is more resilient than we are, and that something as strong as concrete can be overcome by something as weak and fragile as grass. The planet may well have a longer existence than "civilization":

God Bless the Gras...


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