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Monday, November 26, 2007



The substance of what is happening tomorrow in Annapolis is hardly worth commenting on. And the form? The first thing the United States has done to bring Israelis and Palestinians together in George Bush's entire time in office, diplomats from 40 different countries are coming, and how long is the "conference"? A whopping one day long, less breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bathroom breaks. Have you ever been to a meeting of 40 people? It will be over by the time each one has introduced themselves! What a joke. Couldn't they even pretend to do something serious?

OK, just one word on substance. The actual news from the region right now is that Israel is preparing to escalate its genocidal assault on the Palestinian people of Gaza by cutting off electricity. And in all the coverage of tomorrow's meeting I've read and heard, I haven't read or heard a single word about that reality. Will it come up tomorrow? We'll see, but I seriously doubt it.

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