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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


World to Bush: "In your face!"

It's getting harder and harder, but the United Nations General Assembly just set another record in voted to condemn the U.S. "embargo" (blockade) of Cuba. Last year the vote was 183-4 with 1 abstention; this year it inched up to 184-4 (Nicaragua, with a government no longer bowing to the U.S., was the addition; last year it didn't vote). As last year, the only countries in the world supporting the criminal and inhumane U.S. policy were Israel, Palau and the Marshall Islands. By the way, total population of the last two is 83,000 people, just slightly more than the seating capacity of Qualcomm Stadium.

So much for Bush's plea to the world to join him in isolating Cuba.

Update: An interesting footnote from the Cuban press:

The Bush administration tried in vain to "persuade" UN members prior and during the General Assembly sessions, but the pressure only worked on Albania, which did not show up, and Iraq and El Salvador whose representatives left the room before taking the vote.

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