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Friday, October 26, 2007


A "patriot" "supporting the troops"

I wonder if anyone who is bent out of shape by the fact that Barack Obama is no longer wearing an American Flag pin will have anything to say about this:
The former head of the Long Island company that provided most of the body armor for U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan was arrested at dawn Thursday in his Manhattan apartment by FBI and IRS agents on charges of fraudulently looting the company and investors to pay for a lavish lifestyle.

That lifestyle included supporting a stable of trotting horses; a face-lift for his wife; a diamond, ruby and sapphire-encrusted belt buckle in the shape of an U.S. flag; and an $8 million bat mitzvah for his daughter.
The cost of that "patriotic" belt buckle? 100 grand.

The news, and the reason the man was arrested, is about fraud. The unspoken word is "war profiteering" (ok, two words). He wouldn't have had millions to loot had it not first been looted...from the taxpayers (not to mention from the corpses of the soldiers who died lacking body armor that could have been supplied had all that money been used to hire more employees and produce more body armor, instead of paying for "patriotic" belt buckles and more).

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