Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Jon Stewart's latest

Monday night, Jon Stewart interviewed Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico. An excerpt:
Jon Stewart: You're not a fan of like Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez and those guys. We had Evo on the show...

Vicente Fox: Ooh. [Points to head]

JS: Oh, they give you a headache? He seemed very nice, he just talked a little about redistributing...

VF: No, terrible.

JS: Terrible.

VF: Populism. Demagoguery.

JS: Evo Morales? I know Chavez, but Morales as well?

VF: Yeah, both of them, and Correa in Ecuador, who's a third guy.
For the record, here are two of the definitions of that dreaded "populism":"Terrible"? Yes, if you represent the ruling class like Vicente Fox (or Jon Stewart).

Why stop here? There's more...

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