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Sunday, October 14, 2007


The Israeli strike on Syria: what do we know, and when did we know it?

I don't know. :-)

A week ago I quoted Noam Chomsky (from his latest book) talking about Seymour Hersh's "revelations" about Iran:

"You've got to understand that any report from an unidentified intelligence or diplomatic source is what they want you to believe. It may or may not be true."
If only the corporate media could read that and take it to heart. Tonight's ABC World News broadcast begin with these words: "We now know what the target was of that Israeli strike on Syria," and proceeded to "inform" us that it was a Syrian nuclear reactor (under construction) being built with North Korean help.

Somehow I really doubt that ABC World News, based on their own independent information, knows any such thing. What they do know, although they provided no attribution for the claims whatsoever, is that that is what the U.S. government (or perhaps the Israeli government or both) is telling them.

And if they would only listen to their own broadcast, they'd know this! As part of the segment, reporter Martha Raddatz claimed that the U.S. government had known about this reactor since last summer, but that while Dick Cheney had said the evidence was strong, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates said it was ambiguous, and were worried about the fact that the "intelligence" about Iraqi WMD had proven wrong. But then, in the very next sentence, listeners were informed that the evidence was conclusive. Really? Just like "everyone" who "knew" that Iraq had WMD? That was pretty darn conclusive as well, at least if you listened to the corporate media.

And from there, it was just a step of no length at all to "inform" us that they "knew" what the target was. Not what "it is now thought" the target was. No, what it was. Full stop. But, requoting Chomky, the only thing we really know is what they (the U.S. and Israeli governments) want us to believe. Other than that, we know...nothing.

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