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Friday, October 26, 2007


The Cuban response to Bush, Part II

In his speech on Cuba, George Bush addressed (symbolically, since none were actually listening) the "Cuban people." He even specifically addressed members of the Cuban military, and told them "There is a place for you in the free Cuba [if you don't respond with force] "when [sic] Cubans rise up to demand their liberty" (with the implication that there is no place for them if they do use force on that mythical day, something which is spelled out explicitly in Bush's "Plan for a Free [sic] Cuba").

So what was the Cuban response, aside from the speech reprinted below? They reprinted the main parts of Bush's speech (1600 words) in the main Cuban newspaper, Granma (English and Spanish), and even broadcast 15 minutes of the speech on TV (15 minutes more than I personally can take), just to make sure that the Cuban people heard directly what Bush had to say.

There used to be a billboard opposite the U.S. Interest Section in Havana (it may have been replaced) seen below, reading (in translation): "Mister imperialists, we have absolutely no fear of you." Allowing Cubans to hear what Bush had to say is just one bit of evidence of the truth of that statement.

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