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Monday, October 22, 2007


American values, Part II

Today's debate on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews:
Should the U.S. bomb Iran now?
What kind of country do I live in when you can find someone to take the affirmative in that debate? And what kind of country do I live in when you can even ask that question?

Yes, I know the answer, and it starts with "i." But the scary part is the number of people who will answer "yes" (or will answer "no, later") who aren't even part of the ruling class (although it is true that pretty much all of the people you'll hear on TV or read in op-ed columns who espouse such a position are at least "ruling class sycophants," that is, people who earn their living by spouting positions which match the needs of the ruling class).

Update: Just saw a clip of liberal icon Valerie Plame on "Countdown" (the clip was, I believe, from the "Today Show") claiming that there is "no doubt about Iran's [nuclear] intentions" and that they are "malevolent." No doubt, Ms. Plame? No doubt? None whatsoever? What will you tell us next, Ms. Plame? That "the British Government has learned that Iran recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa"?

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