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Saturday, September 15, 2007



It's been a long time since I wrote about the wall most people know about - the one Israel is building on the West Bank as both a separation barrier and a land grab. But less well known are the walls the U.S. is building in Iraq, the ones which, if "sectarian violence" is decreasing (which is doubtful), probably take more of the credit than the so-called "surge." Even less well known are the protests occurring against the wall. I found this picture while looking through AP photos about antiwar protests:

The caption reads:

An Iraqi boy flashes an anti-US slogan as US soldiers watch a protest in Baghdad on 12 September 2007. Some one hundred people held a protest against the concrete wall (background) separating Ghazaliya and Shula districts, built by US forces.(AFP/Ali Yussef)
I could find only a single story about the protest, from AFP (via the BBC):
Hundreds of Iraqis have staged a protest against the building of a dividing wall between a Shia district of Baghdad and a Sunni area.

Residents of the Shula and Ghazaliya districts waved Iraqi flags and chanted slogans rejecting both the proposed separation and the US occupation.

Carrying banners reading "No to the dividing wall" and "The wall is US terrorism", the protesters issued a statement demanding that Iraqi authorities intervene.

Hassan al-Tai, a leader of the Sunni Tai tribe, demanded the Iraqi government act against those "planting division and sectarianism amongst Iraqis".

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