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Friday, September 21, 2007


The un-selfconscious New York Times

Writing about the demonstrations in Jena yesterday, The New York Times reports:
Although the starting incident occurred about a year ago, the case has been slow to join the national conversation. After Mr. Bell’s conviction, though, the details spread quickly on the Internet, text messaging and black talk radio.
"Slow to join the national conversation" indeed, thanks to establishment media like the New York Times. I'm willing to stand corrected, but the first mention I can find of events in Jena in The New York Times was...a week ago, on Sept. 14. The Washington Post? Aug. 4. If you wanted to hear about it earlier, you would have been better served by a news organization the Times failed to mention - Democracy Now!, which first covered the story on July 10. But the very first news source of global scope (I assume it was covered in local papers which aren't on the Internet)? A British paper, the Guardian, which first reported the story on May 20. Curious, that.

The Times also reports that there were "more than 10,000" demonstrators. Yes, there were. A lot more:

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