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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Quote of the day

"It is a moral disgrace. He is not a person of intellectual merit; he is not an academic. As a policy-maker, his only claim to fame was, at best, flawed and morally corrupt. On the grounds of intellectual judgment and moral character, he would seem to be a markedly inappropriate choice. This should be treated as a collective embarrassment."

- Stanford Professor of American history Bart Bernstein, reacting to the news that Donald Rumsfeld has been appointed a visiting fellow at Stanford's ultra-right-wing Hoover Institute, where he will participate in a task force of scholars and experts studying "post-Sept. 11 ideology and terror."
Well, you can't say Rumsfeld isn't an expert in terror. Or post-Sept. 11 ideology for that matter. It's just that what the Hoover Institute task force means by those terms, and what I have in mind, are rather different things.

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