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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The Petraeus report hearings

What I've discovered in the last two days is that there's a limit to the amount of pontificating and positioning that one person can stand listening to, so I have no intention of delivering any kind of long analysis. One thing I just heard, however, speaks volumes about Gen. Petraeus' credibility, moreso than any arguments over statistics about the number of "sectarian" killings in Iraq.

Ultra-right wing Senator James Inhofe wanted to make the point that Iraq was connected to "terrorism," if not to the 9-11 hijackers per se, by talking about numerous "terrorist training facilities" that existed in Iraq, including Salman Pak "where they trained terrorists to hijack airplanes." Unfortunately for Sen. Inhofe's point, that allegation has been completely discredited by the CIA, the DIA, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

And Gen. Petraeus' response? Not a word. He was happy to let Inhofe's lie sit on the table, unchallenged.

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