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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Notes on the propaganda surge

Petraeus, Crocker, and various war supporters have all adopted the same line - things were really bad in 2006, but now they're getting better. Here's the question - was there a single one of those people who said "things were really bad in 2006"...in 2006?

Jon Stewart, who just a few nights before put on one of his typical "fawn-fests" with a military guy who co-wrote the "Counter Insurgency Manual" with Petraeus, actually nailed it last night. He first showed a clip of Petraeus saying the following (in response to being asked when troops could be reduced below 130,000): "Our experience in Iraq has repeatedly shown that projecting too far into the future is not just difficult, it can be misleading and even hazardous." He then followed that with a very long clip of Petraeus doing precisely that, asserting exactly what would happen following a "rapid withdrawal" - "disintegration of Iraqi security forces, rapid deterioration of local security initiatives, al Qaeda, etc., etc."

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