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Monday, September 17, 2007


The lesser of two evils

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer provides a nice lesson in the meaning of the phrase "lesser of two evils" in today's news, while discussing George Bush's nominee for Attorney General:
"For sure we'd want to ascertain his approach on such important and sensitive issues as wiretapping and the appointment of U.S. attorneys, but he's a lot better than some of the other names mentioned and he has the potential to become a consensus nominee."
The old "show them Attila the Hun and they'll vote for Genghis Khan every time" trick - Democrats fall for it every time.

So how good is "a lot better"? Here's some substance:

Although Mr. Mukasey backed the White House by ruling that Mr. Padilla could be held as an enemy combatant — a decision overturned on appeal — he also defied the administration by saying Mr. Padilla was entitled to legal counsel.
Wow, that is defiant. What's next? A ruling that it's ok to hood defendants, as long as you use silk cloth? Waterboarding is ok, but only if it's lemon-scented water? Let's face it, once you rule that U.S. citizens can be held indefinitely without charges as "enemy combatants," it's just one more illustration of the old joke - we know what you are, we're just deciding on the price (no offense to prostitutes, who are way more principled than Chuck Schumer, George Bush, or Judge Mukasey).

Update: Bush, announcing the nomination:

"He knows what it takes to fight this war effectively."
Is that really the role of the Attorney General?

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