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Thursday, August 02, 2007


Rumsfeld: "No coverup on this matter"

Yesterday, Donald Rumsfeld was being questioned by Rep. Dennis Kucinich about the Tillman affair, and in response to an assertion about a coverup, Rumsfeld says, "I have not been involved in any cover-up whatsoever and I don't believe there is an individual at this table who I know well and observed at close quarters in very difficult situations who had any role in a cover-up on this matter." Well, it may actually be true. I don't know who was sitting at the table (and hence who is covered by his statement), and it is possible that Rumsfeld himself wasn't involved in this particular scandal.

But the interesting thing in his answer is to listen to the inflection, which you can hear in the video here. At precisely 4:00 into the video (the first few minutes of which aren't that interesting), you'll hear (or you'll take my word for it) a very strong inflection on the word "this." Not quite a confession, but as close as you'll get from Rumsfeld or anyone else in the Bush Administration.

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