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Monday, August 06, 2007


Little big man Hamid Karzai

Some people just love to talk "big." Hamid Karzai, meeting with George Bush, has this to say:
"The Taliban do pose dangers to our innocent people, to children going to school, to our clergy, to our teachers, to our engineers, to international aid workers. They're not posing any threat to the government of Afghanistan. They are not posing any threat to the institutions of Afghanistan or to the buildup of institutions of Afghanistan. Instead, it's a force that's defeated, it's a force that is frustrated, it's a force that is acting in cowardice by killing children going to school."
Yeah, sure they don't pose any threat to the government of Afghanistan...as long as that government is propped up by tens of thousands of "foreign fighters" (and their jets and bombs). Let's see how long his big talk about a "defeated force" lasts if U.S./NATO forces pull out.

There's another reason the Taliban doesn't pose a threat to Karzai's government as well -- Karzai's government barely exists in most of the country.

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