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Friday, August 31, 2007


I know you are, what am I?

Pee Wee Herman's catch phrase just seemed to be the perfect title to lead off this nugget from today's news, further enlightening us on "the rules of engagement" in Iraq:
Another Iraqi man who lived in the house also was questioned, though he wasn't detained. What did he know about Sunni insurgents living in the area, asked Staff Sgt. Kenneth Braxton, who's from Philadelphia. Nothing, the man said. Braxton said he knew the man was lying because of the way he moved his eyes. The sergeant tore an American flag Velcro patch from his sleeve and told the Iraqi to hold it to his chest. Then another soldier used a digital camera to take a picture of the man.

"So we've got a picture of you holding an American flag now," Braxton said. He told the man that if he didn't cooperate, the photo would be posted around the neighborhood.
Nothing like a good old indirect death threat, based on the fact that people hate you and will kill anyone who cooperates with you. It's really so much more dignified than holding a gun to someone's head, don't you think? And, without question (at least by Alberto Gonzalez and whoever his successor might be), perfectly within the bounds of the Geneva Convention.

And, while I like the Pee Wee Herman reference, actually this cultural reference is closer to the situation:

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