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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Support the troops!

"I guess while I was there, the general attitude was, 'A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi.' You know, so what?"

- Spc. Jeff Englehart, 26
There's really not much I can add to The Nation exposé of what U.S. troops really do in Iraq, or the Democracy Now! interview with one of the authors and some of the interviewees.

Of course I (and many others) have written on this subject many times, the callous and fundamentally racist disregard for the lives of non-"Western" people, the shoot-first, ask questions later (or, more accurately, never) policy, the "kill, kill, kill" mentality, but nevertheless this article may prove extremely important in exposing these issues to a much wider audience (not to mention providing lots of solid testimony about these routine atrocities).

That last linked post includes these opening lyrics to Holly Near's GI Movement (from her 1973 album "Hang In There"):

Were here to talk to soldiers
We know that you won't be still
You're tired of US policy
Of kill, pay me, kill, kill, kill
Here's the song itself:


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