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Friday, July 27, 2007


"Progress" in Iraq

Supporters of the continuing war and occupation in Iraq repeatedly talk about "progress" in Iraq, and always seem to find something, be it some momentarily improving metric or just some anecdotal impressions, to "prove" their assertion. But surely the best judges of progress in Iraq are the Iraqi people, not American politicians and pundits. And how to assess the opinion of the Iraqi people? Conversations with Iraqi leaders, which is one method preferred by the aforementioned Americans? Obviously not an impartial group. Polls? A questionable method in the circumstances.

No, the single best method is to look not at what Iraqis are saying, but what they are doing. Because when you vote with your feet, that's a lot harder vote to cast then a vote with your purple finger. And not only have a whopping two million Iraqis fled their country, but 50,000 more leave each month.

When 50,000 Iraqis are returning from exile each month, that will indicate "progress" in Iraq. Although progress toward what I'm not exactly sure.

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