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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


More uncounted victims of the U.S. war on Iraq

Local news carries the story of a young (21-year-old) man from San Jose named Roberto Causor Jr., just killed in Iraq. Roberto already appears in the list of victims of the war. But if you read all the way through the article to three paragraphs from the end, you learn about two more victims:
Just before he returned to Iraq in early April, the family gathered one last time at his aunt's house. He talked about his girlfriend in Texas - the first girlfriend his cousin Maggie ever approved of, a woman who became pregnant with his child during that trip. Using his grandmother's recipe, his aunt made Causor's favorite enchiladas.
Could the writer change the subject any more quickly? From a child who will be born an orphan (there is an assumption there, I admit) to his aunt's enchiladas in just a few words. Wouldn't want to dwell on that little bit of unpleasantness.

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