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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Justice for Cubans? Not likely

I haven't previously written about the case of the Cuban child whose mother, who brought the child to the U.S., has been declared an unfit parent, and whose father, still living in Cuba, is trying to regain custody, as would be normal under any circumstances other than the fact of the father living in Cuba (and the U.S. government being involved).

Today's news provides some indications of the "justice" the father is likely to obtain:

For months, the U.S. State Department refused to grant the birth father permission to enter the country to fight for custody -- until the Miami judge pushed to get him a visa. Yet in court, DCF [Department of Children & Families] has accused him of 'abandoning' his daughter because he didn't arrive sooner.

A psychologist recently insisted that the Cuban man tell his daughter, with whom he's had only supervised visits, that he is her father. When the news made her yell and cry, a caseworker complained the father's visits were emotionally harmful.
And, although the Miami Herald did report the details above, this, from the same article, indicates the press atmosphere the father confronts:
To complicate matters, he's a Cuban national whose country has spent almost a half-century telling tales about the evils of American life.
Right. As if A) that's the principle pre-occupation of the Cuban government; and B) the things they have to say about "American life" (mostly about American foreign policy, with occasional notes about health care) are just "tales" and not the unfortunate truth.

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