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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


How the CIA works

Remember how Lee Harvey Oswald was photographed entering the Cuban Embassy in Mexico, and how that fact is used to implicate Cuba in the assassination of John Kennedy? Keep that in mind when you read what follows.

On Miami radio recently (as reported in Granma International), the founder of the anti-Cuba terrorist group Alpha 66, Antonio Veciana Blanch, confessed to having been part of a CIA-originated and organized plot to assassinate Fidel Castro during a visit to Chile in 1971. Of course, we know there have been hundreds of plots to assassinate Fidel, the vast majority with the involvement of the CIA. But what caught my eye about this story was how the plot involved casting suspicion on the Soviet Union as having been responsible for the action:

"Somebody suggested to me: who’s going to be blamed for Castro’s death... Who’s going to make the public announcement? Let’s put the blame on the Soviet Union... That seemed like a good idea to me."

"The ‘Islander’ was told to go to a house just to ask for an address... "An alleged Soviet agent was living there.

"He was a professor at the Central University of Caracas who was also a KGB agent... and there was a photographer who took photos so that if there were deaths on our account, it could be stated that these people had been working with the KGB."
Something to keep in mind.

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