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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Terrorist alert!

Terrorism sure has fallen a long way since those heady days of knocking down the Twin Towers, hasn't it?
Missing dog case probed as terrorist incident

Sheriff's deputies are investigating a missing golden retriever in the Santa Cruz Mountains as a possible terrorist incident after finding animal rights group propaganda where the dog was last seen.

Randy Chapel got home from a two-week trip to Europe last week and reported his dog missing, his garage door bowed and the lock busted, and an unusual sticker pasted to the side door of the garage.

The sticker - "Abuse an animal, go to jail" - piqued the interest of two sheriff's deputies trained as terrorist liaison officers, who said the incident could be the work of fringe activists not happy about how the dog was treated.
How low the mighty have fallen. Still, quite a strategy if it worked. "Listen, George, we've got Barney, and you won't see him again until you get your troops out of Iraq."

I'm treating this lightly, but this is no joking matter. Across the nation, people are being terrorized by this kind of behavior. Of course, the "people" I'm referring to in that sentence are activists, being terrorized by the possibility of many extra years in jail for minor crimes. Stephanie McMillan had a suggestion about ways to counter this trend in Minimum Security just two days ago:

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