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Saturday, June 02, 2007


The news you didn't hear from Venezuela...

...unless you were listening to FOX News! For days there have been demonstrations of a few thousand people in Venezuela, protesting the government's decision not to renew the broadcast license of RCTV. Today there was a demonstration of 50 to 70,000 in support of the government, dwarfing previous days' turnouts. Didn't hear about it? CNN, for example, has had daily coverage of the anti-government demonstrations, but hasn't (as far as I've seen) breathed a word of this one, nor can a find a single instance of coverage in the media (e.g., on Google News, the CNN website or the like). But I just happened to see coverage of the march...on FOX News. Of course they had to give it their own spin, and "inform" their viewers that the marchers were either paid or forced to be there. Sure they were. But hey, at least they covered it. And admitted it was much larger than the previous ones (even if their estimate, I suspect I'll learn in days to come, was low many times over).

Here's the coverage:

Update: Looking at press coverage is informative. In yesterday's Washington Post, a major article by their own reporter, Juan Forero, carries the headline (and subject matter) "Protests in Venezuela Reinvigorate Opposition" (that refers to the anti-government protests, of course, not the one yesterday). Meanwhile, only an AP article, which may have not even run in the print edition, carries the news of the pro-government demonstration. It describes the attendance as "thousands," but gives no indication (as even FOX News did!) that it was much bigger than the anti-government demonstrations which preceded it. The New York Times carries only the AP article (again, possibly not even in the print edition), and my local paper, the San Jose Mercury News, which like most has been regularly covering the anti-government demonstrations, has nothing at all on this one.

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