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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Israel's prisoners, again

A year ago, Israel arrested ("kidnapped" would be more accurate) 64 Palestinian Cabinet ministers, legislators, and other officials. They've pretty much dropped out of the news, at least the Western news, but a sentence in today's New York Times reminds us that most of them are still in Israeli prisons:
Of the 74 Hamas legislators, 40 are in Israeli prisons.
On what grounds? As I wrote last September, supposedly because membership in Hamas, classified as a "terrorist organization," is illegal under Israeli law, except for one thing, as I pointed out: the West Bank and Gaza are not Israel, and Israeli law shouldn't apply in Palestine any more than American law applies in Iraq or Afghanistan. Of course the real "law" that's being applied is the same one the U.S. applies in Iraq and Afghanistan (and elsewhere) - might makes right.

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