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Monday, June 18, 2007


George Bush's (not-so) secret fantasies

I'm no fan of Bob Woodward, and not a reader of his books, but I'm surprised I had to learn about this from the latest reflection (essentially the latest entry in what could be the world's most widely read blog, and probably the only one published in eight languages) from Fidel Castro:
In his book, State of Denial, [Woodward] says that on June 18, 2003, three months after the Iraq war had begun, as he was on the way out of his White House office following an important meeting, Bush slapped Jay Garner on the back and said to him:
"Hey, Jay, you want to do Iran?"

"Sir, the boys and I talked about that and we want to hold out for Cuba. We think the rum and the cigars are a little better...The women are prettier."

Bush laughed. "You got it. You got Cuba."
Bush was betrayed by his subconscious. It was in his mind when he declared what scores of dark corners should be expecting to happen and Cuba occupies a special place among those dark corners.
Reality places strong limitations on imperialism, but imperialism's ambitions literally know no bounds.

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