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Saturday, June 02, 2007


Gay and Lesbian Pride Audio Post: Ode to a Gym Teacher

One of the classics of lesbian music, Meg Christian's "Ode to a Gym Teacher" can be found on the 1975 album "I Know You Know," the very first album on the feminist label Olivia Records (since mutated into a lesbian travel company named Olivia).

The most interesting thing I found by far in searching the web for information about Meg and the song was this lesson plan for a high school course in women's liberation, which includes an entire lesson (scroll down to Lesson #3) which involves listening to "Ode to a Gym Teacher" and then discussing its lyrics and lesbianism. The lesson plan, interestingly enough, was written by a man.

This version of the song was recorded live at the Full Moon Coffeehouse in San Francisco, according to the album. The first half of the recording is Christian bantering with the audience, telling the story behind the song, which is half the fun of listening to it. Which you can do by clicking here.


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