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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Creationism: Left I on the News provides the hard proof

In "honor" of the opening of a new creationism museum, and the saturation media coverage of the event (neither of which I'm linking to, giving both those things the credit they're due), Left I on the News, with a little help from our friends Dante & the Evergreens, is pleased to able to reveal here the solid scientific evidence on which that museum rests, proof so solid that even the United States Government has lent its endorsement to this unimpeachable source (click on the picture for the full proof):

OK, I got the idea for this from a similar bit I heard on KPFA today. So sue me for plagiarism. Hey, it was my own 45 from 1960 that got digitized, straight off the "Madison" label.

Correction: Alley Oop was not sung by Dante & the Evergreens. It was sung by Danté and the Evergreens. As you can tell if you look at the label. If you have the record. Because you will not find that information online. Except here, of course. You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about the group online. Just not the correct spelling of their name. :-)

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