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Friday, May 18, 2007


The U.S. idea of "terrorism"

An interesting article in the Miami Herald today sheds a little more light on the U.S. government (and by that I mean not just George Bush and his gang) idea of "terrorism." It's about how $268 million of Cuban government funds in U.S. bank accounts, frozen by the Kennedy administration in 1963, is almost all gone thanks to lawsuits against the Cuban government (which, on principle, have never been defended). The biggest "run on the bank" was triggered with the 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (passed under another Democratic President, Clinton).

One of the "winners" under this bill profiled in the article? Janet Ray Weininger, who was awarded $23.9 million. And what happened so that she "deserved" that money? Her father was a CIA pilot shot down during the Bay of Pigs invasion! So, evidently, defending your country against invasion is an act of terrorism! That is, if your country is Cuba (or Iraq or Iran or North Korea or Venezuela or any other designated country filled with "bad guys").

You don't even want to imagine how much money the U.S. government would owe if a relative of every Iraqi and Afghan and Serb and Panamanian and Vietnamese (I'll stop there, and I'm not even including the ones indirectly killed like the Palestinians) killed by the U.S. government were to get $23.8 million each. Your calculator doesn't have enough digits.

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