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Saturday, May 26, 2007


U.K. jury: U.S. is committing war crimes in Iraq

Two men broke into an RAF base and attempted to put bolts and screws inside the B-52s' engines and pictures of smiling Iraqi children on the payload doors. Arrested and tried, they pleaded in front of a jury that they were acting to prevent the US air force planes from committing war crimes. Their action was reasonable, they argued, because other means of legitimate protest had failed. They were prevented from arguing that the war itself was illegal, but instead argued that they were acting to prevent potential war crimes against Iraqi civilians, and to prevent criminal damage to Iraqi property.

They were unanimously acquitted.

Warning: do not try this at home if your home happens to be in the United States. Chances of an American jury reaching this conclusion? Slim. Chances you'll be packed off without charges just to rot in jail for a few years like Jose Padilla before they even are forced to bring charges against you? Not so slim.

But a great victory for sure.

(Hat tip Lenin's Tomb)

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