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Friday, May 18, 2007


Take a hint: U.S. out of Iraq!

Two juxtaposed stories in today's paper make it clear (as if there were any doubt) that the hearts and minds of Iraqis are well and truly lost (as if there were ever any chance of "finding" them). The first, from The New York Times, is headlined "Hunt for 3 G.I.’s in Iraq Slowed by False Trails." The article tells the tale of "Iraqis...intentionally passing on incorrect information, trying to hide involvement, trying to use tips to ingratiate themselves with American officers, or maybe just telling stories for attention." So while the military spokespeople have been busy touting the large number of leads they've been getting from Iraqis in this hunt for the missing soldiers, it turns out that was actually not a positive statistic, but a negative one, indicative of how much the Iraqis want the Americans to fail in their hunt rather than succeed.

The second story describes the results of a military investigation into the deaths of three American soldiers at an isolated outpost last June. Here's the telling line: "it appears...that Iraqi security forces near the soldiers' outpost probably saw and heard the attack and 'chose to not become an active participant in the attack on either side.'" Quelle surprise!

Time (long past time) to take a hint, imperialists. You're not wanted in Iraq! Out Now!

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