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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Political Humor of the Day: The CIA Website

The CIA has a new website. Here's how they describe it:
"The new site reaffirms the CIA’s commitment to share as much information as we can with the American people," said Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Gen. Michael V. Hayden.

I'm not in the habit of visiting the CIA website. I learned about this on Granma, which elaborates thusly:

The Nobility of the CIA, by Joaquin Rivery Tur

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is well known throughout the world, but especially in poorer countries.

When not busy organizing the overthrow of governments (Chile, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Congo), it has trained torturers from throughout Latin America, maintained secret prisons and organized all types of assassination attempts against leaders of other countries.

That’s what it has done since its inception; nothing more, nothing less. Now, thanks to the miracles of cyberspace, the agency has launched a website that tries to erase the past in minds of people in the US and elsewhere. They want to create the image of a CIA as a noble organization full of lofty goals and free of deadly conspiracies.

What’s wrong with the website is that it begins with the contagious Bush habit of lying, since, according to AFP, a message from CIA Director Michael Hayden says that "the new website reaffirms the CIA’s commitment to share the greatest possible quantity of information with the US people."

And the site expects people who read this to believe it. You would have to be pretty naïve to think that there is some truth in the official declarations from Washington.

A CIA advertisement points out: "We are the first line in the defense of the nation. We achieve what others can’t and we go where others can’t go." Those missions are organizing coups, drug trafficking for dirty operations, plotting assassinations of all kinds and training terrorists from any country (for example, Luis Posada Carriles).

How pure and noble the CIA is!

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