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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Pity the poor Israeli children

An AP article today reports on the psychological damage being done to the Israeli children of Sderot, a town where more than 4,500 rockets have landed since 2001 (an average of 2/day), killing a grand total of seven people and wounding "dozens" (a rather strong indication of the crude and ineffective nature of these weapons). We're told:
The main impact of the rocket attacks on Sderot has been psychological, with experts warning the damage would be long-lasting.

"The anxiety level with the kids is unimaginable," said Tami Sagie, head of psychological services in Sderot. "We have a whole generation that was born into the Qassams, children whose first word is 'boom.'"

Sagie spoke of teenagers wetting their beds when rockets hit. Others regularly sleep with their parents, or find it difficult to concentrate, she said.

It's not just children who are affected.

Noam Amram, 62, said he has been seeing a therapist since a rocket landed next to him four months ago. "I still haven't gotten over it. Every noise I hear, I shudder. I can't sleep. I live in fear," he said.
I have absolutely no doubt that this story is true, and this effect is real, and the title of this post is sincere - I'm honestly sorry for those children. I just wish I had once read a similar article in the corporate media about Palestinian children, or Iraqi children, who have been experiencing violence (explosions, deaths, injuries) on a scale orders of magnitude greater than the poor children of Sderot. I wrote about this last year after hearing a talk by Hans van Sponeck on the subject, which, I'm ashamed to admit, really helped awaken me to this problem. I mention that because it just serves to to highlight how little (if at all; I know of no examples) that this problem has been noted in the corporate media.

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