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Monday, May 28, 2007


The other "surge"

It's just a subjective feeling I can't document, but it seems to me there has been a significant "surge" of "pro-war" stories in the media in the last few weeks, from interviews with Generals and such in Iraq, to features about happily and successfully recovering soldiers in rehab centers, etc. And I'm not referring to any one channel; I've seen such stories recently across the board - all the networks and all the cable channels. I really doubt it's just coincidence; I'm sure it represents a major push on the part of the U.S. governments P.R. arm to place such stories in the media. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

Update: I've just finished watching a very long (several minutes) piece (accompanied by melodramatic background music!) on CNN entitled "Saving the Fallen," about medics in Iraq. And the U.S. media is busy complaining about Venezuelan control of the media! Quoting Amy Goodman yet again, "If we had state media in the United States, how would it be any different?"

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